“Alex and I want to express our thanks for the excellent job you and your team performed when installing our latest clinac from Varian. We appreciated the timeliness, attention to detail and long hours worked. It was a pleasure to work with you.”

Chris Newcomb MBA, MEng, PhD, MCCPM
Provincial Leader Medical Physics

Alex George
Material & Facilities Management
Saskatchewan Cancer Agency

“For the guys at H&H – While I have not completed the machine power up and do not want to jinx the situation, I must say that you guys did an outstanding job. I was very pleased to see that not only were you guys basically complete on the day of my arrival, but that you were very clean, neat, and organized on everything that you had accomplished. I look forward to working with you again.”

Mark Matthews
Site Solutions – Installations
Varian Medical Systems

“This is a crew to be proud of. They know their job, they are professionals, they move swiftly, they are courteous. It is not often that companies hear about the good things. It is important to me that your company know there could be no better crew to work with.”

Bruce Geveden
General Superintendent
Geveden Industrial

“The H&H Rigging and Extended Rigging team that completed the installation of the first “Slim” True Beam in North America did a superb job. Besides the introduction of this new True Beam configuration and the different challenges it presented, the H&H team were presented with many other challenges such as shortages, equipment arrival delays caused by weather, and incorrect equipment shipments to site. The H&H team worked through these issues and remained on site longer than originally scheduled to help the Varian personnel accomplish the designated tasks. I personally recognize this effort as I was one of the Varian personnel on site that had to deal with these challenges. To your team, thank you for the effort above and beyond required duties. I look forward to working with your teams again in the future … ”

Marc Falcinelli
Installation Specialist – North America Installations
Varian Medical Systems